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Aug. 1, 2012 

Welcome to my 'Whatever I feel like Writing" Basket

I recently promised a photo pal of mine that I would create a web presence
for him.  Like all of us, he wants to start with a 'free' site.  I also promised him I would make sure his site has multiple pages.  So, today I'm learning how to create more than a blog spot Home page.  I'm practicing on my own site, of course.  Let's see how long it takes me to get this page out there.

On The Gulf

Above is a picture of me and my youngest grand baby.  This pix represents where I prefer to be just about every single day.

Vidal Passes Over

Gore Vidal passed away today--one of every few renowned writers who spend their lives stirring up political trouble.  Takes guts.  I read a long tribute to him today and learned that, besides his numerous best-selling novels,  he was consulted on some pretty famous movie scripts...and 'Gore' is a family last name.  His grand pappy Gore and his father, a Vidal, were both national politicians.  According to today's article, Amelia Earhart was Vidal's supposed long-time mistress.  Apparently it's very risky to be a politician's mistress; it seems all to often to be a short-lived proposition.

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