Friday, September 30, 2011

Writers' MeetUp

My amazing writer's group, which met for the first time a year and a half ago, meets the first Monday of every month. We've been gathering at Books-A-Million, a lovely bookstore similar to Borders and a bit more modest than Barnes & Noble. This fall we will be moving to a new venue cuz our local BAM had to move out of their place for 'roof repair'.

A BAM employee I spoke with on the last day of their moving sale shared that they would either be coming back into the same store or maybe move into the recently vacated Borders site. It seems that when Borders declared bankruptcy, BAM bought several of their stores. That's great news if it is true.

For now, my writers will be meeting at the new Salsa's Mexican Restaurant on 19N and Alderman. Great young manager there said he's happy to have us. Life is ever changing; Life is good!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Writer's Resolutions

I hereby resolve that my Happy New Year begins today. So, I need to make some writer's resolutions to start my new year out with my focus on -- Writer Me. Here goes: "I will find time each day to develop my Social Media presence as a writer." Okay, well, that's a biggie cuz I have Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter, a MeetUp site, this blog, and my professional writing site. So, as happens to me every New Year, all I can handle is one resolution.

Oh, Hopeful Me!

Everything I Write....

I had an 'awakening' this morning; that's always a good moment! I've been worried of late that my posts have to all be brilliant; and that slowed me up. Silly me, everything I write is brilliant! No worries---it's all good.

Wow! What a relief! (Think I could do stand-up comedy?)