Sunday, October 9, 2011

Author Platform and Social Media

Golly, a new procedure for being Agent and Publishing House ready emerges into the Cloud of our "web presence". I'll post a separate, thorough article on Author Platforming in a few days; for now, suffice it to say having a Social Media presence is part of your Platform.

Yes, you guessed it, you're going to have to bite the bullet and do as much of the following as authorly possible: establish Facebook friends and a separate, professional Facebook page; join Tweeter and then tweet frequently; join LinkedIn to hook you up with others associated with your areas of writing interest, networking personified; and then take the leap and check out posterous. com, and an entire host of Google advantages just waiting for you to discover.

I get tired just thinking about it, but I will prevail. I'll have to get up two hours earlier, start drinking coffee in the morning again (which I gave up about five years ago), force my eyelids to feel moist and sit down at my pc before the sun comes over my trees.

Dang, I thought retirement would have enough hours in the day and writing would always be delightful and stress-free. Well, if my personal finance for dummy's hadn't gone South along with the entire US economy, maybe retirement and writing would be what I expected. But, it isn't and they aren't; therefore, I'm forced to the absurd...early morning. Lord love a duck!

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