Friday, July 1, 2011

Writer's Words - Tear sheets

If you write, you are a writer. If you publish, it behooves you to document. Personally, I keep a current 3-ring book, using those lovely clear plastic sheets to house my tear sheets.

"What is a tear sheet?" one of my students asked recently. First, since you aren't hearing me pronounce 'tear', it's not a drop from the eye cuz you get way too many rejections, it's a 'tear, as in rip.' When you publish any work, a photo, an editorial, an essay, an article, a poem, a story, photocopy your little marvel and place it in the binder of your choice. Select an attractive binder you can use as a brag book...mostly for your ego. However, your 'clip book', which is the proper name for where your tear sheets abide, it is clarifying for your family and friends and is noticeably impressive at interviews.

What if you've publish a longer short story or even a book? Photocopy the cover of the publication, the copyright page and the first page(s) of your manuscript. Make sure you capture a full title for the publication and the date. Recording the date will save you much needless head-scratching a few years from now. You won't forget the title of the publication. Ah, some delicious details are so palattible they are forever unforgettable!

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