Saturday, February 12, 2011

Upon being verbose.......

I've been close to a few people who were good conversationalist; then, when they asked me to read their writing, I found words, upon words, upon words, feeding upon wording, growing atop words, being parasitical upon words.  I thought, each time, oh, my God!  What happened between their brains and the written page?  It's not a quantum leap, folks.  It's just juxtaposition between thought and print.  Not a leap!  Don't leap.  As you think it, so shall you reap...don't leap!

My point, if you've missed it, is...write exactly as you speak; pretend you are speaking your paragraphs.  Don't elaborate.  Save that for the pool room...or the spa.  Elaboration, exhortation doesn't belong in excellent prose.  You're only as good as succinctness shows, God knows!

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